Future of IoT

Lecture 1A

Speaker: Dr TV Prabhakar


Dr Prabhakar works as a Principal Research Scientist in the Department of Electronic Systems Engineering at IISc, Bangalore. His area of expertise include Networked Embedded Systems, Hardware System design, micro-energy harvesting systems, power management algorithms, IoT security, heterogeneous networks for IoTs and tactile internet applications. His work in LED based communication won the best demo award in COMSNETS 2014.

Sensing Fundamentals

Lecture 1B

Speaker: Dr MM Nayak


Dr Nayak is a visiting professor to Centre for Nanoscience and Engineering, who completed his PhD in the year 1994 from IISc itself in Instrumentation Engineering. He has served as a Director to ISRO’s launch vehicle program, ISRO HQ, Bangalore. Apart from that he holds two post doctorate experiences from Japan and Netherlands and is actively researching in the field of MEMS/ NEMS sensors and their packaging.

 Nano fabrication and Characterization

Lecture 1 C

Speaker: Dr Sushobhan Avasthi

Dr Avasthi completed his Phd from Princeton University and has also gained post-doctoral research experience the same institute. He has worked in the semiconductor device fabrication technology for over ten years and specialises in photovoltaics. His current research interests are thin-film photovoltaics, heterojunction solar cells, and metal-oxide electronics. He has authored over 30 research papers and holds a Taiwanese patent.He was also awarded INAE Young Engineers Award in 2018.

Embedded Systems

Lecture 1D, 2D

Speaker: Dr Saurabh Chandorkar


Dr Chandorkar is an assistant professor in the Centre for Nanoscience IISc Bangalore. He holds his PhD from Stanford University in Mechanical Engineering, with a minor in Electrical Engineering, and has also served as post-doctoral scholar and assistant lecturer in the same institute. Apart from this he has also worked in Intel as advanced equipment engineer. Presently he has an active interest in MEMS/NEMS resonators, their packaging and observation of quantum effects in them.

Industry Talk

Lecture 2A

Speaker: Amit K Gupta

Amit K Gupta is the founder of GT Silicon and has worked in the electronic industry for over 15 years. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur, IISc and IIM bangalore. He produced an award winning master’s thesis at IISc and has many research publications to his credit. He is a recipient of the prestigious DST- Lockheed Martin India Innovation award and TiEUP young Entrepreneur Award.

Communication System

Lecture 2B

Speaker: Dr Chandramani Singh 

Dr Chandramini Singh is presently an assistant professor in the Department of Electronic Systems and Engineering. He completed his PhD from Indian Institute of Science itself and has a postdoctoral experience at Coordinated Science Lab University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. His research interest lies in Communication Networks, Stochastic Systems, Cloud Computing, Optimization and Game Theory. He has also been awarded the Microsoft Research India Rising Star Award in 2010-11.

Data Acquisitions and Fundamentals of Signal Processing

Lecture 2C

Speaker: Dr KVS Hari


Dr Hari currently works at the Department of Electrical Communication Engineering, Indian Institute of Science. He does research in signal processing with applications to MIMO systems leading to the development of algorithms for MIMO wireless communication systems, sensor-based scene analysis, autonomous vehicles, fast MRI signal Processing, neuroscience, assertive technology for the elderly. Apart from this he has held many prestigious positions one of them being Chair of the Expert Group, constituted by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Government of India, to study the interference of satellite signals on WiMAX in the 2.5-2.7GHz. This group included members from the DOT, Indian Space Organization, WiMAX Forum, Samsung, Huawei, Intel, WCAI (US), KDDI (Japan) (2009-2011).